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Carefully picked books for your children

From oldies to new, discover wonderful books to stir children's imagination and interest.

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Read more new books online each month, and then choose your favorite books to order in print so you can enjoy them even more on paper.

The books are printed by the publisher who produced them, and Booxia subscribers can order them at a discount.

Teach good behaviors

Some stories are written on purpose to show examples of good behaviors and life lessons related to emotional intelligence (empathy, forgiveness, kindness), relationships, social connections, and morals.

Tablet as Book library

Even though we prefer printed books, children are exposed to devices. Booxia aims to replace some of the time spent on tablet (games and YouTube) with discovering, reading and enjoying books.

Develop children's imagination and love for books as part of their "device time", while continuing to enjoy traditional print books.


Read books on your tablet, laptop or TV. Order your favorite books printed by the publisher, at a discount.

A single account can be used by multiple children, each with their own profile.

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Each month you can read online a maximum number of new books, according to the subscription plan. You can order as many printed books as desired.

After a book is read, it is available to all children in the same account for the next 2 years at no extra cost, as long as account subscription remains active.

To make better choices, every book has a free sample.

Frequently Asked Questions

Booxia has an extensive library of books, stories, comics, Booxia originals, and more.
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While a phone works too, it's too small to enjoy illustrations.
Booxia is flexible. There are no annoying contracts and no commitments. You can easily cancel your account online in two clicks. There are no cancellation fees – start or stop your account anytime.